To show young men and women that texting and driving can cause serious accidents. We needed to disrupt people’s normal viewing habits so that they did not ignore this important PSA about texting and driving. The ad was therefore deliberately released online as a fail video (where it was more likely to be watched) and not as a PSA. 

Cannes Finalist 2017. Live Events.

People care more about spots on their cars than they do about little marks on their bodies. And so, to highlight the dangers of skin cancer, we made ‘Car Melanomas’ out of low-tac adhesive stickers and placed them on cars parked near busy beaches. The stickers looked like damage to the doors of cars. But when the worried owners lifted the stickers off, they found they were actually vouchers encouraging them to have a free skin test at a nearby pop-up CANSA clinic.


When you give something a name you care about it more. We wanted people to care more about Africa’s elephants, which are being poached for their ivory. And so we came up with the #NameThemSaveThem campaign. People were invited to design and name their own elephants on an Amarula microsite. They could then send their unique elephants to friends and family. For every elephant named and designed, Amarula donated $1 to the anti-poaching organization, WildLifeDirect. Amarula also released limited edition bottles with labels that depicted elephants named and designed by consumers.

If men could see how happy a bunch of flowers can make their loved ones feel, they’d send flowers more often. Hidden cameras in Netflorists’ delivery guys’ caps captured the happy moments and the videos were emailed back to the senders.

Heineken Sound Atlas represents Heineken's long-term youth engagement strategy and music was identified as the best placed engine to drive this strategy forward. Heineken Sound Atlas relocates a foreign music scene from around the globe and brings it to Ireland through ground based experiences with digital and social media acting in support of this.

Launched in July 2015, Berlin was first on the map at Longitude Music Festival shortly followed by Brooklyn in September. In each instance, a launch video was commissioned which served as a introduction to the music scene and also as a direction marker to the Heineken Sound Atlas mobile website. Here, users were able to experience each scene through real-time interactive Google maps which encouraged exploration through imagery, Spotify playlists and offered the opportunity to win tickets to music festivals and trips to the respective music scenes abroad.  The project is ongoing with a number of additional scenes planned for 2015.