With a surface area of 1,221,037 km, South Africa, The jewel in Africa’s crown, the Rainbow Nation as it is internationally marketed is home to over fifty million South Africans. Aptly titled – The Rainbow Nation imbues thoughts of a land of extreme diversity and cultural wealth. It is in the people, the 11 spoken languages and the many tribes that dot vast expanse that best mirror this cultural richness.

Nkosozana or Xhosa for ‘Princess’ rejoices and celebrates all that is South Africa. From the Limpopo River, to the tribes of the North West and Eastern Provinces. To the mineral rich earth of the Gold Reef, the Shweshwe patterns of the Eastern Cape and the towering Baobab trees of Tzaneen. All have stood witness to each new chapter of South Africa’s history though at times written under the sun of both struggle and peace.

Nkosozana is the conjuring of these elements and is reflected through a series of portraits of Princesses of fiefdoms that exist in the reality of the unfamiliar.  As a native, they exist as a figment of my imagination and bare testament to a land of incredible colour, complexity and history - one in which all Princesses could conceivably be found and revered.