Traveling east on the N25, about 24 km past Waterford, take a left and follow the long bumpy road for 6kms. Carry on straight and follow the winding road down the hill. Carefully navigate the sharp left at the end of the road and you will find yourself in Stradbally, Co. Waterford. Population 400. Keep going past the Cove Bar and the corner store, take the next right. A little bit further down the road a house sits up on the hill.

Shunning the formality of numbers, the houses here have names. This one is known to everyone as Knocknacree. Ask anybody and they will direct you there.  This is how it is in the countryside.  Pull up to the gate and it will open itself. Even strangers are welcome here, no buzzer or introduction needed. A foreign concept for city dwellers. What strikes you as you step out out of the car is a disorientating blast of quietness. No screaming sirens, no horns, no hustle, no bustle. Just a tranquility that has provided the backdrop for my latest photographic study entitled Knocknacree.

Moving through the countryside in every possible direction, every so often the quietness would reveal something of its character through its inhabitants. The more time I spent there, the more this hard landscape would soften. The more it would let me in. The more I would understand. Knocknacree is a 26 month study of a special place. Serving as both home base and inspiration for my adventures into the countryside, Knocknacree will always remain a fond reminder of all those I had the privilege of photographing and a bookmark of an amazing chapter in my life.